Check-in 8:50
Check-out 14:30
Child (7-12 yo)

About Blaca

The Hermitage of Blaca is a uniquely captivating monument – a tribute to human survival, ingenuity and resourcefulness dating from the mid 16th century. It was the hermitage (a secluded religious sanctuary) of the Glagolitic Order (Glagoljica Croatian ancient alphabet) raised on a steep cliff above the Blaca Bay west of Bol. Blaca was established by Glagolitic priests from Poljica that sought refuge on the island of Brac fleeing the Turks during the peak of their conquests onto the Dalmatian coast. In 1552 they established a monastic community and in 1570 got permission from the bishop to raise a monastery and church. They produced wine, honey and other horticulture and in time became quite powerful and wealthy. This wealth allowed them to practice their love of astronomy and establish an observatory that became known around the world. The priests published their own astronomy-themed magazine and were credited with discovering several celestial objects including a comet using the telescope that can still be seen at the monastery.

Note: For May, please send us an inquiry with the date you would like to go and we will notify you if we have a departure planned.

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