Beaches in Bol

Bol has 60.000 sqare meters of beaches!

There are many beaches in Bol, from the center of town spreading east and west from Bol. The most known beach is Zlatni rat beach, an unavoidable motif on every brochure and poster of Croatia. The area of Bol beaches is roughly 60.000 square meters, not counting many more secluded beaches on each side of Bol where almost every bay on the south side of island Brač has its own beach.

Zlatni rat beach
Zlatni rat beach

All beaches around Bol and the south side of island Brač are pebble beaches. Pebbles are small round gentle stones that are formed by sea waves that roll them on the shore. Some more popular beaches apart from Zlatni rat are Martinica beach on the very east side of Bol, next to the Dominican Monastery that dates from the 15th century. Borak beach, located between Bol and Zlatni rat, where most sports activities are concentrated. There are two windsurfing centers, a kite surfing center, a scuba diving center, and a volleyball field. All sports centers offer training and equipment rentals. With locals, there is a small, top-rated beach for children in the very center of Bol behind Veli Most (Bol Peer), where you can enjoy crystal clear sea and have a peaceful time in the sun.

Bol beaches - Murvica
Murvica beach

Naturism Bol beaches

There are also some naturist/nudist/FKK beaches in Bol. One small nudist beach is roughly 100 meters to the east of Martinica beach, next to Dominican Monastery. On the other side, west of Zlatni rat beach, there are many small nudist beaches on the stretch of almost 2 kilometers.

Bol beaches - naturist nudist FKK beaches
naturist – nudist – FKK beaches in Bol