Bol nightlife

Bol nightlife has its long tradition. There is something for everyone, no matter of age or preferences. Lots of cafes and cocktail bars for younger and older, almost daily shows, and Bol cultural Summer manifestations. Traditionally, there are “Welcome Summer” and “Goodbye Summer” parties on summer’s first and last days. These two are rich with local specialties such as fish, vine, and strong drinks, usually with live music and fireworks. Bol nightlife is truly rich in its offerings.

Bol map with places of interest

Bol nightlife - island brac croatia
Bol nightlife

Bol nightlife recommendations

Recommended for the start of the night out in Bol is a nice dinner in one of the plethoras of good restaurants offering Dalmatian and international cuisine. After that, an after-dinner cocktail in Cocktail Bar Bolero, located in the pine forest on the promenade leading to Zlatni rat beach, is a great choice.

Later into the night, most of the happenings are in Bol center. We recommend the Cocktail bars Bolero or Varadero for cocktails or one of the small cafes in Bol Harbour offering a great night view of Bol by the sea.
For late in the night (read early morning hours) when nightlife in the town is finished, there is a choice to go to Night Club behind Zlatni rat beach, which is open till morning.

We are sure there is something for all tastes in Bol nightlife. Parties, classical and pop music concerts, art and photo exhibitions, or just a nice walk by the sea.

Bol summer nights

A Bol summer night is organized weekly on Wednesdays throughout the summer months. Local klapa singers (traditional A Cappella singing, which is under UNESCO protection as a non-material heritage of Croatia) and a small band with live music are there to entertain. Also, Bol Harbour has many stands with locally made souvenirs and old-school crafts. Last but not least, many restaurants and local people have stands where they cook local dishes of fresh fish and crabs for you.

Bol summer carnival

Bol has, by now, a traditional summer carnival that takes place every September in Bol. There are troops from around Europe; even one came from Bolivia in 2013. Bol is one of the FECC (Federation of European Carnival Cities), meaning people from Bol also visit carnivals organized throughout Europe over the year.
The summer carnival is held every year in September; the international summer carnival in Bol was first held in 2007.

Recommendations and places of interest in Bol

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