Introducing Via Brattia – 140 km Unique Trail

Hiking blaca bay to bol over vidova gora

Discover Via Brattia, an exceptional 140-kilometer circular tourist trail that showcases the beauty of Brač Island while connecting numerous settlements and 12 captivating cultural and historic locations. Beyond these renowned sites, Via Brattia will lead you through the heart of picturesque Brač settlements such as Supetar, Mirca, Sutivan, Bobovišća na moru, Ložišća, Bobovišća, Milna, Murvica, … Read more

Educational trail Vidova Gora

Educational trail vidova gora

This 16,7 km walking or cycling educational trail Vidova Gora is found on the slopes of Vidova Gora mountain, the protected landscape of the Split – Dalmatia county. It starts on the main road from Bol to Supetar, at the exit to ‘Gažul’ on the 19th kilometer from Bol. The trail is intended for walking … Read more

Breathtaking hiking from Bol to Vidova Gora mountain

Vidova gora

Here you can see the route and directions for hiking from Bol to Vidova Gora mountain, which is Bol’s most popular hiking route. The hike is 5 km long and takes you 770 meters up, the peak of Vidova Gora is 780 meters, and it takes roughly 1,5 hours to get to the top from our starting point, above … Read more