Breathtaking hiking from Bol to Vidova Gora mountain

Here you can see the route and directions for hiking from Bol to Vidova Gora mountain, which is the most popular hiking route from Bol. The hike is 5 km long and takes you 700 meters up, the peak of Vidova Gora is 780 meters, and it takes roughly 1,5 hours to get to the top from our starting point, which is above the entrance to Bol. If starting in Bol harbor, you should add another 20 minutes for your hiking trip.

The starting point is in Podbarje, which is where Bol was first settled. From there trail leads us through the valley east from hill Koštilo, then up behind it to Vidova Gora.

Hiking from Bol to Vidova gora map

Distance: 6.3 miles / 10.14 km
Duration: 4 hours, 23 minutes, and 5 seconds
Minimum Elevation: 383 feet / 116 meters
Maximum Elevation: 2555 feet / 778 meters
Total climb: 2203 feet / 672 meters
Total descent: 2182 feet / 665 meters

View from the top of the Vidova gora