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Amazing Bol town SUP tour


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About Amazing Bol town SUP tour

Experience the Ultimate Stand Up Paddling Adventure in Bol!

Are you ready for an unforgettable excitement and exploration? Look no further than our exhilarating SUP tour in Bol. It’s the perfect activity to immerse yourself in the local culture while reveling in the breathtaking diversity of flora and fauna that surrounds this stunning destination.

But before we embark on this incredible SUP tour journey, our expert guide will ensure you’re fully equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge. You’ll receive comprehensive instructions on paddling techniques, mastering the equipment, and, most importantly, how to stay safe and secure at sea. Once you’ve mastered the basics, get ready to dive into an adventure like no other!

As we glide on our SUP’s along the sun-kissed southern coastline of the enchanting Island of Brač, prepare to be captivated by the awe-inspiring views of nature that unfold before your eyes. The rhythmic motion of paddling will take us on a mesmerizing journey, tracing the picturesque shoreline of Bol. With each stroke, a new perspective of this charming town will reveal itself, leaving you in awe of its beauty.

After an exhilarating session of active paddling, we’ll take a well-deserved break at the crown jewel of beaches – the world-renowned Zlatni Rat Beach. Picture yourself perched at its top, basking in the warm sun as you gaze upon the crystal-clear turquoise waters below. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to indulge in a refreshing swim, explore the vibrant underwater world with some snorkeling, or relax and marvel at the awe-inspiring skills of nearby wind and kite surfers. It’s a moment of pure bliss.

As our SUP adventure draws to an end, we’ll return to where it all began – the pristine shores of “Martinica” beach. Take your time to unwind, savor mouthwatering local cuisine, or sip on a glass of exquisite local wine. Throughout the tour, our experienced guide will prioritize your safety, ensuring you can fully immerse yourself in the beauty of the natural surroundings.

They’ll also provide fascinating insights about the incredible flora, fauna, and hidden gems we encounter along the way, enriching your journey with knowledge and wonder.

So, if you’re seeking a unique and exhilarating holiday experience, join us for an unforgettable Stand Up Paddling adventure in Bol. Unleash your adventurous spirit, connect with nature, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Book your SUP tour today and prepare to embark on a lifetime journey!

SUP Tour details

  • Distance: 5 – 7 km
  • Previous experience: Basic knowledge of paddling
  • Equipment: Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard, paddle, mask and snorkel, safety jackets, and waterproof bags for your personal belongings
  • Sea temperature: Between 19°C and 27°C. It depends on the season.
  • Fitness Level: A minimum level of fitness is required
  • What to Bring: T-shirt, beach shoes or sandals, swimming suit, towel, hat for sun protection, sunscreen, water


The tour is subject to a minimum of 4 people booking!
In case of bad weather or less than four people booking, we will suggest an alternative day or issue a full refund should the tour be canceled due to either insufficient bookings or non-favorable weather conditions.

This itinerary is subject to change according to group abilities, weather, water levels, or special events of interest and to avoid unnecessary risk or discomfort. We also reserve the right to conduct alternate and/or substituted tour without prior notice.


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