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Bol weather forecast

See the Bol weather forecast for today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow weather. Temperature, wind, rain, and pressure. See everything you need to be ready for the next few days.

Bol weather climate

Bol has a mild Mediterranean climate, with mild winters and warm summers that feature daily afternoon thermal wind called Mestral. Daily Mistral from Spring to Autumn is the main reason why Bol is the best destination for windsurfing and kitesurfing in Croatia.

The Mediterranean climate in Bol is characterized by long, hot, and dry summers and short, mild, and wet winters. On Brac, you can count on a minimum of 134 clear sky days. Average air temperatures in Bol, Brac island are 18-25 °C. Expect maximum temperatures of well over 30 °C in summer. Temperature differences between seasons are milder by the influence of the sea, which temperature is more stable, making swimming here popular long in November. The Average sea temperatures are: May-18°C; Jun-23°C; Jul-25°C; Aug-25°C; Sep-23°C; Oct-22°C.

Bol has a specific micro-climate due to the Vidova Gora mountain just above. Vidova Gora is 780 meters high, making Brac the highest of all Croatian islands. Most of the rain clouds get stuck up there, and the rain circumvents Bol. It might be raining all over the island, but not in Bol. Even when it rains in Bol, it is normally short showers, and long rainy days are a true rarity. Most days throughout the year in Bol are sunny and warm. Average temperatures in the Summer months are well over 25° Celsius (70°F), with the sea getting as warm.

The coldest time in Bol is the end of January until the beginning of March when a strong north wind called Bura brings the cold air from the mainland. When talking cold, we are talking averages of 9°-11° Celsius (48-52°F). Cold in Bol means T-Shirts until Christmas.

Minus temperatures of 1°-3° Celsius (27-30°F) happen once or twice every couple of years, just overnight and always either end of January or February.

Three-day Bol weather forecast at noon

Three-day Meteogram Bol weather forecast

Bol 3 day meteogram weather forecast

Three-day UV index forecast for Croatia and Europe

Croatia and europe uv index forecast

Europe’s long term Spring and Summer 2023 weather forecasts

The first Spring 2023 forecast summary:

Europe is expected to have mostly warmer than average temperatures over much of the continent. However, this does not mean there will be no cold fronts and colder days.

Mainland Europe is expected to experience average precipitation, with drier conditions towards the south.

Source: Spring 2023 forecast for Europe

First look at the 2023 Summer weather forecast

Looking closer at the temperature pattern over Europe, we see warmer-than-normal weather over most of the continent. Going to precipitation, we can see mostly drier conditions forecast over central and northern Europe under the high-pressure zone. However, wetter conditions are forecast over the continent’s south-central parts, indicating a more active storm season. Looking at precipitation over Europe, we see mostly wetter Summer conditions across the continent. This is also a sign of a potentially more potent storm season if this forecast would verify.

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