Great insiders interest map of Bol

Map of Bol with points of interest, with recommendations when visiting or staying in Bol. What to see and what to do in Bol. List of recommended places to see, where to eat, and where to do some sightseeing.

Where to eat

Like most tourist places, the general rule of thumb is to be careful of the restaurants and bars in the center. Check this map for recommendations for where to eat. You will notice that most restaurants have their name like ‘Konoba’ plus the name, like Konoba Dalmatino. This is because ‘Konoba’ means a ‘Tavern.’ For locals, ‘Konoba’ was, in most cases, a basement of the house where the wine, cheese, and smoked or dry meat was kept; it was a place where friends would meet and sip wine and have snacks.

The restaurant that most locals eat at is Konoba Dalmatino, they serve a great selection of meat dishes, and also local fish is available daily. The place I would recommend for local caught octopus and calamari and a fantastic view is Konoba Dinko. If you want to enjoy slow food, then Restaurant Taverna Riva is the best choice, it is on the upper end, but the food is amazing, and the desserts are to die for!

The restaurant’ Mali Raj’ (translation: Little Paradise) is like its name says – a little paradise. It has nice food and is a great place for lunch or dinner if you are near or at Zlatni rat beach. (open May-October)

Having a drink

On the promenade from Bol to Zlatni rat Beach, notice the concentration of sports, and right there, for me, is one of the most incredible places to have a coffee or cocktail – Cocktail bar Bolero, with a fantastic view and natural shade. They usually have daily happy hour in the late afternoon when cocktails are mainly half-price.

For a lovely relaxed evening, I love to have a glass of wine at the local Stina winery. It is the oldest winery in coastal Croatia (Dalmatia), built in 1903. They have red, white, and rosé wines. You should also try Prošek, which is a sweet dessert wine. I love the white wine called Pošip Majstor, which is a refreshing, dry, fruity wine.

Beaches in Bol

After seeing Zlatni rat Beach and the crowds there, we recommend you try beaches on the east side of town, before and after the Dominican monastery, which are less crowded and beautiful. The Martinica beach is amazing in the mornings!

Google map of Bol with recommendations

You can open a full-size Google map of Bol with all the recommended points of interest by clicking here.

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