Bol Quad ATV sunset tour - Bol island Brac Croatia

Quad / ATV sunset tour


Check-in 16:30
Check-out 18:30

About Quad / ATV sunset tour

Quad/ATV sunset tour of the top of the island Brac. Visit the old shepherd’s village Obršje, water pits for animals, and St. Spirit chapel with a magnificent view of Bol. Also, on our Quad / ATV sunset tour, we will stop at the top of the Vidova Gora mountain, the highest peak of all the Croatian islands.

Itinerary: Quad / ATV sunset tour

  • Driving west from Bol towards Murvica and Farska villages
  • Visiting abandoned village of Obršje
  • Off-road driving to Vidova Gora mountain top
  • After a break on Vidova Gora mountain, driving via Trolokve to the Chapel of St. Spirit
  • Driving back to Bol


Each booking is for one Quad / ATV vehicle and the driver, please do not forget to select the second person on the vehicle if two persons are going on one vehicle.

The Quad / ATV sunset tour lasts 2 to 2:30, depending on the skill of the drivers.

Fuel is paid extra, starting the tour with the full tank and we will stop at the gas station at the end of the tour to fill the vehicles. Average spend is dependant on the driving style of individual drivers, and it ranges from 5 to 15 liters per tour!

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