Scuba diving locations

Scuba diving locations

There are plenty of scuba diving locations in and near Bol. We are listing some popular ones here. Most locations are within 60 minute boat ride from Bol, with most of them only up to 30 minute boat ride.

  • Cape Smociguzica is an underwater reef in a form of a mushroom. It is decorated with yellow gorgonia. Diving depthis from 10m – 55m.
  • Cape Kabal is an underwater tunnel with one side at 8m and other at 17m. It also features deep wall that is up to 50m deep.
  • Babice Stine, location only 5 minute boat ride from Bol. It features underwater ruins of a Roman villa (1st century BC) with old mosaic floors. It is located at depth of 5–6m.
  • Cape Tatinja on island of Hvar offers long deep reef, and at the bottom you might still find some pottery and coins from a ship wreck of the boat, (dates between 1805 and 1811) from Austrian-Hungarian Empire, located at a 30m depth

Selected full-day diving excursions

(two dives, experienced scuba divers only)

  • Ship wreck near island of Solta. First dive is at the ship wreck which is located at depth of 35m – 45m. Second dive is at the second ship wreck that is located at depth of max 25m. Both ship wrecks are preserved and easily accessible. Both are fishermen type of boats that are approximately 40m in length.
  • Vodnjak near the Pakleni islands south-west off island Hvar is underwater reef. Top of it is at a depth of 10m, and it goes down to 60m. Its southern cliff is decorated with red and yellow gorgonia. The reef is rich with flora and fish.
  • Lucica Cave on the south-west of island Brac, is a beautiful and deep cave for scuba diving. Its entrance is located at only 3m depth and is wide for safe entry. Cave is very large and the maximum depth of the cave is 30m. Very often large gropers are trapped there for divers to swim with, they tend to be up to 1.2m in lenght and around 30kg.