Thrilling Water Sports in Bol

There is a wide range of water sports in Bol that you can try out. Water skiing is offered at the Potocine beach watersports centre and at the top of Zlatni rat beach. You can also try tube rides, banana boat rides, or all kinds of fun toys being pulled with the speed boat.

Bol water sports, if you are adventurous, you can even choose to go parasailing. You are on a parachute pulled by the speed boat and ride on it about 150 meters in the sky. From up there, you can have a great view of Bol and Zlatni rat beach.

At the beginning of Zlatni rat beach, there is a water park (aqua park), and you can even go for a ride inside the airball on the water. Paddleboats and kayaks are also available for rent.

If you want to explore the island coastline or find yourself on a secluded beach, you can rent a boat or even a speed boat if you are licensed. You can find many small beaches on both sides, east and west of Bol. For renting a small boat, you do not even need a license.

Water sports in bol island brac croatia
Aquapark on Zlatni rat beach

Activities and water sports in Bol

To sum it up in a list, water activities in Bol include:

  • Water skiing
  • Banana boat
  • Tube riding
  • Parasailing
  • Water park
  • Air balls
  • Paddle boats
  • Kayaks
  • Rent a boat
  • Rent a speed boat

There is something for everyone to choose whether you want it to be active or lazy days at the beach.

Many ask for jet skis, but riding a jet ski in Bol is forbidden due to the risk of accidents. So, unfortunately, no jet ski rental is possible in Bol. There is a jet ski safari tour you can take while in Bol.

Mind you; we did not even mention two water sports that are most popular in Bol, those two being windsurfing and kite surfing. Bol is best known for those two because of the perfect wind conditions for recreational and advanced windsurfers and kitesurfers. You can check more about those two here: Windsurfing in Bol and Kite surfing in Bol. Another popular water sport in Bol is scuba diving.

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