Windsurfing in Bol, Croatia

Bol is the best destination for windsurfing in the Mediterranean.

Why is windsurfing in Bol, Croatia, great? Bol is one of the best windsurfing destinations in Europe and is the best location for windsurfing in Croatia. During the summer months, there is a daily thermic wind called Mistral. Mistral is a steady wind that is, on average 4bft strong. Windsurfing in Bol is for all levels, from first-time learners and beginners to pros. There are three windsurfing schools in Bol where you can have a full range of lessons for beginners and advanced. They also offer a wide range of windsurfing equipment for rent. Brands offered are Duotone, RRD, Fanatic, Gaastra, Tabou, and others.

Bol windsurfing conditions

The usual summer day of windsurfing in Bol looks like this: there is a light eastern wind Levant every morning that is ideal for beginners. Then around noon, no wind will allow for a lunch break. In the afternoon, the west wind starts, the famous Mistral, and it is heaven for advanced and pros alike.

Windsurfing with mistral wind in Bol, the sea surface is choppy with no swell. Ideal equipment for windsurfing in Bol is freeriding, freestyle, slalom, and racing. Mistral is strongest in front of the famous Zlatni rat beach, and all windsurfing centers are in the area.

Levant and Mistral are both side shore winds, allowing easy entry and exit from numerous Bol beaches.
Occasionally, you may experience the north wind called Bura when the weather changes. This is a strong wind blowing offshore and is very gusty. It is not recommended for anyone to windsurf except you are well aware that you must have someone ready with the boat to pick you up! This is characteristic, but not very often, in the autumn and winter seasons. It is sporadic in the summer season when the weather is stable.

For experienced windsurfers who want stronger winds, the best time to come is from the end of April to July, when there is a better chance for northwest wind called Tramontana. Due to the sea channel configuration between islands Brac and Hvar, Tramontana is similar to Mistral. The difference is that Tramontana is a stronger wind with bigger waves. It also blows the side shore, so it is safe to windsurf.

Windsurfing on island Brac

Apart from Bol, there are a few other spots on island Brac for windsurfing. For extreme windsurfing, when there is a strong northern wind called Bura, locals go to Povlja (35km from Bol), where Bura is the strongest in this region and blows onshore with big waves. Outside the summer season, when there is southeast wind called Jugo, there are two spots for windsurfing on Island Brac. One is in Sumartin (26km from Bol), and the other is in Supetar (36km from Bol).

Recommended Windsurfing centers:

  1. Active Bol – recommended for beginner and advanced lessons
  2. Zoo Station – recommended for experienced windsurfers

You can book your equipment and courses directly here: windsurfing in Bol.

Windsurfing competitions held in Bol

Pwa bol croatia - windsurfing in bol
PWA Bol Croatia 2021.

Slalom is one of the most spectacular and powerful windsurfing disciplines. The short races of 3 to 5 minutes can be raced in compact areas close to the spectators. The races are high speed with short legs and close mark rounds. The format is elimination which also requires an efficient Race Committee. In some events, 40 starts a day are no exception!

Join us for windsurfing in Bol

Windsurfing in Bol has a long tradition, and windsurfers are the ones that keep coming back to Bol regularly.
We, locals, are also windsurfing as much as we can, and we love meeting new people from around the world. We invite you to come and enjoy the perfect windsurfing conditions with us.

See you on the water!

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