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Stari Grad - Petar Hektorovic - Tvrdalj

Stari Grad & town Hvar (optional Palmižana)


Check-in 9:20
Check-out 17:40
Children (3-12 yo)

About Stari Grad & town Hvar (optional Palmižana)

The island Hvar’s west coast tour visits the town Stari Grad and town Hvar, with swimming stops and an optional visit to Palmizana. The trip is with the luxury fast passenger boat Frane Express.

This is one of the best experiences for a day trip from Bol on a boat. Visiting old towns and amazing swimming spots.

Town Stari Grad

Nestled like a jewel on the sun-kissed island of Hvar in Croatia, the enchanting town of Stari Grad beckons travelers with its irresistible allure. Stepping into its cobbled streets feels like entering a time capsule, where ancient history and modern charm interlace seamlessly.

Immerse yourself in the captivating rhythm of life here as you wander through labyrinthine alleys, each corner unveiling a hidden story from centuries past. Meander towards the picturesque harbor, where colorful fishing boats sway in harmony with the shimmering Adriatic waves. Breathtaking sunsets paint the sky in hues of rose and gold, casting a magical spell over the town and its visitors.

Experience the fusion of gastronomic wonders in quaint family-run restaurants, savoring the taste of locally sourced olive oils and succulent seafood delicacies. From the tantalizing aromas wafting through its bustling markets to the friendly smiles of locals, Stari Grad captures the hearts of wanderers, leaving them with an everlasting desire to return to its timeless embrace.

Stiniva Bay on Island Hvar

Stiniva Bay beckons travelers with its untouched splendor, like a well-guarded secret awaiting discovery. This hidden bay exudes an air of mystique and adventure. As you venture down a winding path, the sight that unfolds before you is nothing short of awe-inspiring – a pristine horseshoe-shaped beach adorned with soft white pebbles and the clearest turquoise waters inviting you for a refreshing swim.

Stiniva Bay is a true oasis of tranquility, surrounded by lush vegetation, perfect for those seeking escape from the bustling world. Spend your time simply basking in the sun’s warm embrace and swimming in the crystal-clear sea. With its untouched charm and sense of seclusion, Stiniva Bay on Island Hvar promises an unforgettable escape to a place where time seems to stand still, and the spirit of adventure finds its ultimate sanctuary.

Town Hvar

The town Hvar beckons intrepid souls with a promise of unforgettable adventure and unrivaled indulgence. This Mediterranean paradise seamlessly weaves together the old-world charm of its medieval architecture with the vibrant energy of its cosmopolitan spirit.

Set foot upon its shores, and you’ll find yourself ensnared by a whirlwind of experiences: sail into the horizon aboard luxurious yachts, explore hidden coves with crystal-clear waters that invite you to dive into their secrets, and dance under the starlit sky at beachside clubs that pulse with electrifying beats.

Beyond its hedonistic allure, Hvar’s rich history echoes through the ancient walls of its fortresses and the timeless beauty of its lavender fields, hinting at tales of illustrious conquerors and artists inspired by its natural wonders. Surrender to the indulgence of local delicacies, paired with the finest wines produced from vineyards basking in the Mediterranean sun.

A journey to Hvar promises an intoxicating blend of sophistication and untamed beauty, a concoction that ignites the spirit of wanderlust and leaves a lingering imprint on the souls of those who dare to venture to its shores.

Itinerary: Stari Grad & town Hvar (optional Palmižana)

  • 9:30 departure from Bol
  • 9:30-12:00 Stari Grad on island Hvar, visit to Hektorovic Tvrdalj castle
  • 12:45-13:30 Stiniva bay on island Hvar – swim stop
  • 14:00-16:30 Hvar free time for sightseeing – Optionally, you can also visit and swim on Palmižana beach on Paklinski islands
  • 17:40 return in Bol


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