Bol live webcams

There are four Bol live webcams. All Bol live webcams are showing live video streams, so you can enjoy the views any time of day.

The first webcam is ours, while the other three belong to Bol municipality. The first one has amazing sunset views of Bol, and it is a pleasure to watch them especially in winter months. The harbor view webcam is mounted on top of the tourist office in the center of Bol, showing amazing images of Bol harbor. Centre view one is mounted on top of the wine cellar of Jako vino, the oldest wine cellar in Dalmatia dating from 1902. It was completely renovated and modernized in 2011 and its wines already won numerous prizes. When in Bol, you can go there for a tour to see how wine is made and stored, and have a wine tasting session with snacks. This last camera is showing also the center of Bol, where in summer months you can see numerous yachts and beaches in the center of Bol. The last one, the fourth, is located at the promenade with the view of Zlatni rat beach, unfortunately, this one operates only in summer months.